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TCS 2014 Family Camping Web Site

TCS 2014 Family Camping Web Site

Torrance Chinese School (TCS) was founded in 1989 as a non-profit organization. After many years of growth and development, student enrollment has increased steadily to its current level of approximately 400 students, one of the largest in Southern California. TCS offers 24 language classes from grades K to 12, and a Chinese conversation class for non-Mandarin speaking adults. Both traditional and simplified Chinese are taught at TCS.


We are so blessed to have a great Chinese school in our community. All the staffs in school devote themselves so much and develop so many wonderful classes and activities to our kids, and allow them to immerse themselves in Chinese culture.

In 2014, thank TCS for giving us an opportunity to coordinate annual family camping in Silvewood Lake, California. Most of the families are first time campers, detail and realtime information regarding the weather, location, equipments and activities updates can reduce their guess work. Also, it can reduce meeting time, paper usages and invites more people to join.

If you live around TCS school district (Torrance, CA), please come by and support TCS!

TCS web site: http://www.torrancecs.com/ TCS 2014 Family camping web site: https://sites.google.com/site/tcs2014camping/

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