Compile PCL with Visual Studio 2013

After receiving my Kinect for Windows v2, I found that I can only play around sample codes from Kinect SDK, but not several popular software like (Sknect or ReconstructMe). Even when I want to write some codes with PCL, but found that no OpenNI2 driver or grabber is well provided, and the tutorial app (in-hand-scanner or open-ni viewer) are not provided in pre-built binary, too. That is the reason why I compile PCL from sources. 


System configurations:

Windows 8.1 Premium, English

Visual Studio 2013 Premium version

Software dependencies:

[Notice, I built everything for x64 platform. So, for modules I built, I only handle x64 (debug and release.)]

boost: 1.56.0, prebuilt binary. Follow the link to see all installer. I use boost_1_56_0-msvc-12.0-64.exe

eigen: 3.3.2, header files only. Official site

flann: 1.8.4, use CMake GUI to generate VS 2013 x64 solution.

QHull: 2012.1, , use CMake GUI to generate VS 2013 x64 solution.

OpenNI 1: 

OpenNI 2: Download Windows x64 installer here. And, please visit for detail.

Qt: 4.8.4 Prebuilt binaries for VS2013. I recommend you to have it to support UI in VTK. Once you install Qt, please setup a enviroment QtDir = [the folder you install Qt].

VTK: 6.1.0, use Cmake GUI to generate VS2013 x64 solution, the build VTK. Make sure you check "BUILD_SHARED_LIBS", "VTK_ALL_NEW_OBJECT_FACTORY", "VTK_DEBUG_LEAKS", "VTK_Group_Imaging", "VTK_Group_Qt", "VTK_Group_Views", "VTK_Group_Rendering", "VTK_MAKE_INITIATORS". In Visual Studio 2013, batch build "Build All" x64 for release and debug.

PCL: 1.7.2, use CMake GUI to generate VS 2013 x64 solution.

Point "EIGEN_INCLUDE_DIR" to the root folder of your eigen library.

Point QHULL library and include directories.

point "VTK_DIR" to the build folder of your VTK (CMake should find it, or just point it manually.) 


That is it. When you want to run your program, you may need to copy several runtimes DLL to the same folder as your programs, including Qt-runtimes, VTK runtimes, and Boost runtimes. If you do not know which files to copy, try to use "Dependency Walker" to find those missing DLLs, then copy them from installation directories. 

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