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Compile PCL with Visual Studio 2013

After receiving my Kinect for Windows v2, I found that I can only play around sample codes from Kinect SDK, but not several popular software like (Sknect or ReconstructMe). Even when I want to write some codes with PCL, but found that no OpenNI2 driver or grabber is well provided, and the tutorial app (in-hand-scanner or open-ni viewer) are not provided in pre-built binary, too. That is the reason why I compile PCL from sources. 

Development experience between Windows and Linux

It all started in 2012 when I had a chance to port my all image processing codes from Windows to Linux. That includes all C++ codes with lots of GUI implementation, not to mention several COM model architecture and several Windows-only technologies. For now, I'm very happy to work between these two platforms under the same code base. This might be very normal to some of you, but with 10+ years of Windows codes, it is still a struggle to migrate all to Linux in 4 months. Here is the story:

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