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ROS (Robot Operating System) is a well-defined framework for robot design. It provides a easy-to-use and multiple-language binding for makers to concentrate on major algorithm implementations, but not routine communication protocols among components. Tons of ROS packages are developed and well-tested, and they are available for free, can save us time and money. Integration with Gazebo and its own visualization tools allow us to do simulation or debug. With C++ as major developing language, it is easy to integration with your favorite toolkits, like OpenCV, PCL, etc. Or, you can use Python to do quick prototypes without long-waiting compiling.

OpenCV and ROS: by a Raspberry Pi rover project


This is based on a rover project by using ROS as framework and OpenCV as image processing SDK. The rover runs by following a track which is detected from image sequences via Picamera. Hough transform and contour detection are the ways to get the track, then the direction of detected track is converted to rover direction. You can find the codes in my git repository.
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