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IT Services

Robust IT infrastructure is key to run your business smoothly. Our IT services can deal with your computer issues on-site or remotely, so you can focus at your everyday job.
Cooperation environment is another key to success in a team, we can help you monitoring and configuring your data service to make sure smooth data sharing and transaction.

Windows, Linux or Cloud servers are no problem to us. Exchange server, Office365, GMail or other Email services, we handle them all!

If you want to renew your network infrastructure, switch to new service provider, expand your office space, or install wireless equipments, we can do it for you. We can work with your existing service providers and make sure your internet connection is always in good health condition, so no business order is lost.
Our experienced technical experts can also help you choosing cost-effective hardware (laptop, mobile phone, network devices, printers, etc.) and deploy them. Any issues regarding existing hardware, just let us know.
Don't worry about data hacking or data loss any more. We can help you assessing your business needs and provide a solid solution to secure your business data and transaction.


Software Projects

Tired of using lots of word documents or excel spreadsheet to keep track of every trading? Consider a software solution can save your time and allow you to focus at your products and customers. We can help you evaluating your everyday job flow then come out a best and cost effective software solution.
Think about a mobile app to approach more customers and expand your business territory? We can develop mobile Apps which can work with your existing IT infrastructure, so your customers can do business with you anytime.
Your existing money maker software is function-limited? or cannot work with your new-purchased hardware? or can not catch up your fast-growing business? We can help you reviving them and improve their functions to meet your today's business needs. By doing this, you it does not only save money but also not to worry about new learning curve, which also save you time to keep focusing at your already successful business!
It is time to consolidate different software systems cross teams. Unified data allow your teams to speak the same language at all time, no more lost in translation. We can help you either developing middle-ware or agent-software to integrate different software system, or develop a new system to connect all existing functions.
We can also help you developing a software plan based on your future business goals, so you can have a clear roadmap while you invest in new IT infrastructures.


Cloud Solutions

Your business is expanding quickly, teams cross different time-zone need to work together in realtime, your clients ask for online quote or tracking information, it is time you need to consider cloud solutions.
We can base on your business attributes to design and implement best cloud solutions, either for new email system, data sharing service, or your business software. By doing this, your teams can access company data whenever, wherever they want, that also means you can provide up-to-date information to your customers all the time. Furthermore, by moving software to cloud, you can save IT hardware/HR investment.


Web and Social Media

Want to approach more customers to expand your business? Think about a Web page to promote your business. Want your customers stick with you everyday? Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube are your good friends.
People spend more and more time on social media and web surfing by mobile devices, and they also spend much more money via this same way. Maintaining a good relationship with your customers by company web site and social media is the way modern business should take, either to drive your products sales or sense users trend for future business opportunities.
We can help setting up web site domain and web pages, also build company social media pages and give training so you can work with your customers in realtime!

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About Us

Yi Systems, founded in 2012 by Alex Huang, has been providing software consulting and IT service in southern California. With track records, we provide one-stop software solutions and services to different business categories, like logistics, multi-media and non-profit organization. All members in Yi Systems have 15+ years of experience, are able to handle end-to-end software projects cross cloud, mobile and desktop platforms. There is no project is too big or too small, please give us a chance to serve you.

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